Meet a trustee: Seema Hill

We spoke to trustee, Seema Hill, about her role

Meet a trustee: Seema Hill

Did you know that Rennie Grove Peace is governed by a board of trustees? The group of volunteers is responsible for ensuring the
proper and effective running of the organisation. Seema Hill tells us more about being a trustee of Rennie Grove Peace:

“I first volunteered as a trustee to give something back after my parents both received wonderful care from Rennie Grove. I have worked in the commercial sector for 25 years so have a variety of skills and knowledge from my professional life to bring to this role.

“As trustees we aren’t involved in the day-to-day running of the charity. The organisation has a wonderful executive board that oversees the operational side of things. Our role is to have strategic oversight as well as ensuring the quality and compliance of services, and effective financial management.

“When supporters donate money to the charity, they want to know that it is being used properly, to fund effectively managed services. It’s an honour to play my part in ensuring that for the communities we serve.”