Meet our people

Meet some of the key people involved with Rennie Grove - our staff, volunteers and supporters all play a vital role

The Rennie Grove Hospice Care team

People are at the heart of all we do. Most importantly, the families we care for. But also the Rennie Grove team of staff and volunteers – and our amazing supporters – who make that care possible. We value each and every contribution and without everyone’s input, we couldn’t help the families who need us.

Our trustees

Rennie Grove’s Trustees are volunteers responsible for the charity’s governance. For example, our Board of Trustees comprises specialists in different sectors, from healthcare to marketing to business development and retail. They offer advice and approve big decisions such as our annual expenditure and income targets. Similarly, Trustees contribute to our three-year strategic plan. In addition, Rennie Grove’s Senior Management Team reports to the Trustees.

Meet our trustees

Our trustees are volunteers responsible for the governance of Rennie Grove Hospice Care, Peace Hospice Care and the newly formed Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care.

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Our senior managers

In short, Rennie Grove’s senior management team is responsible for the safe and efficient running of the charity. To achieve this, each Director looks after a different area of our work and oversees a dedicated Rennie Grove team.

Meet our senior management team

Our senior management team comprises leaders with a mix of specialist and charity experience

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Our Presidents

Still very much at the heart of the Rennie Grove team, our Presidents are Rennie Grove’s co-founders. That is to say, two local women, Moira Rennie and Dr Mary Groves, founded the charities that went on to become Rennie Grove Hospice Care. First Iain Rennie Hospice at Home launched in 1985 and then Grove House opened in 1994. Years later, the two charities merged (in 2011) and became Rennie Grove Hospice Care.

Meet our Presidents

Our Presidents are Rennie Grove’s co-founders, Moira Rennie and Dr Mary Groves

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Our Patrons and Vice Patrons

Local celebrities in Herts and Bucks, and household names nationally, have kindly agreed to support us as our Patrons. Because of their high profile, our Patrons are an important part of the Rennie Grove team. And they play a key role in spreading the word about what we do to a wider audience. Vice Patrons are people who’ve made an extraordinary contribution to Rennie Grove. That may have been in the founding charities’ early days as Grove House or Iain Rennie Hospice at Home. Or through a more recent connection that has had a huge impact on the charity and the families we support.

Meet our Patrons

The support provided by our Patrons and Vice Patrons is exceptional

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