Why leave a gift?

Leaving a gift in your Will can benefit your family and other local families for generations to come

Why leave a gift?

Leaving a gift in your Will can help your family 

Making a Will ensures your family can be looked after when you’re no longer here to do it. But did you know that leaving a gift to charity in your Will can help your family too? 

Charitable gifts in Wills can reduce inheritance tax 

Gifts left to charities are usually free of inheritance tax. In some circumstances, leaving a charitable gift can even reduce the amount of inheritance tax your loved ones are liable for. 

Inheritance tax is payable when your estate, after all debts are deducted, is worth over £325,000. That figure increases to £650,000 for a married couple, provided the first person to pass away leaves their entire estate to their spouse.    

However, if you leave 10% or more of your estate to charity, this lowers the rate of any tax due. In other words, any inheritance tax due may be payable at a reduced rate of 36%, rather than 40%.  

Leaving a gift in your Will can help other families too 

Did you know that one in three of our Hospice at Home nurses is funded from gifts in Wills? 

Remembering Rennie Grove Peace in your Will can make a difference to local families for generations to come.  

Your family and friends come first, of course. But when you make or update your Will, could you consider leaving a gift to Rennie Grove Peace? Leaving a gift of any size in your Will could impact so many lives in your local community. In short, you’d be helping to ensure local families continue to receive the best end-of-life care in their own homes.  

Help make sure our care is available to local people, when they need it, now and in the future. Order your free legacy pack today – see how leaving a gift in your Will can change other families’ tomorrows.  

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