Massage/reflexology therapist volunteer – Hertfordshire

Our massage and reflexology therapists visit patients in their own homes to provide gentle therapy to improve their wellbeing.

Massage/reflexology therapist volunteer – Hertfordshire

Opportunity details

Location In the community in Hertfordshire

Team Complementary therapies

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Likely hours 4 hours per week

Can you offer your massage or reflexology skills to improve the wellbeing of our patients in their homes?

Our volunteers visit patients in their homes and provide gentle massage or reflexology adapted to their needs. This valuable service improves the wellbeing of our patients, giving them a much needed opportunity to relax and take time out.

Why volunteer with us?

Having a real impact Making a difference to our patients' lives, and helping those around them, when they need it the most.

Working for the community Helping families in the local community who need specialist hospice care means your time and energy is harnessed for a good cause.

Using your skills Using your specialist skills means that more patients can benefit from this valuable service.