Spotlight on: Sarah, Children’s Nurse

We spoke to Sarah, Children's Nurse, about her role and the difference it makes to our children & young people and their families.   

Spotlight on: Sarah, Children’s Nurse

Giving families the support they need

Sarah is a children’s nurse who works in our Children & Young People’s service. We spoke to her about her role and the difference it makes to our children & young people and their families.   

“Most of the children and young people we look after can’t verbally communicate, but it’s clear when you make a difference. I think it’s one of the biggest misconceptions that non-verbal children don’t understand or can’t express themselves because absolutely they can. We are there to manage their symptoms, provide comfort for them and liaise with other services, consultants and healthcare professionals on the family’s behalf. 

“For the parents and carers, we’re there to provide respite care to allow them to have a break from being caregivers. The parents and carers are just so busy with hospital appointments, ordering medications, doing the child’s therapies, and attending to their medical needs – it’s constant. We’re able to share that load and support them.  

“The nursing respite care is really important because a lot of our children are so complex they can’t just be left with anyone. So, often, the times that I visit are the only times that the parents actually get a proper break just to do normal things. They don’t always go out of the house because some children can’t be left as they require 24/7 care. Our care enables parents to do the simple things that others take for granted, like having a shower or cooking dinner. 

“It’s also about them having someone at the end of the phone when they need support or have questions. So often you hear “I just can’t get hold of anyone, but I know if I call you, you’re always there”, which means a lot.   

“One of the things I enjoy most about my role is the way that it enhances comfort and dignity for our patients. I have the privilege of providing personalised care to children and their families in the comfort of their own homes, enhancing the child’s quality of life. This approach allows families to create meaningful and important memories together. “ 

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