Caring for our staff

Our multi-disciplinary team of staff and volunteers are our most important asset.

Caring for our staff

How we care for our team

Our staff and volunteers are our most important asset, and we recognise that as demand on our services grows, we have a responsibility to ensure they have the resilience they need to withstand the pressures and demands of everyday life.

Nationally, there’s a shortage of nurses, so we are competing against a range of public and private sector health and social care providers as well as other charities to recruit and retain the best quality candidates.

In response to these challenges, we have developed a programme of activities and training opportunities that are designed to protect our staff from burn out and encourage them to take time for themselves. This programme also demonstrates that we take staff health and wellbeing very seriously.

Modules of the programme include:

  • Self-care, compassion, self-love
  • Eat, move, sleep, relax
  • Mindfulness

We also offer workshops on Resilience training and clinical staff all have clinical supervision as part of NICE guidelines for staff working in palliative care.

The overarching theme is that there are practical steps, tools and techniques available that are designed to educate, empower and inspire individuals to maximise their own levels of resilience.

Here at Rennie Grove Hospice Care we pride ourselves on providing excellent end of life and palliative care that suits the needs of each individual patient. In order to achieve that level of care for our patients we have made a commitment to deliver a holistic programme of care to our staff too.

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