End-of-life care for children at home

Our nurses will be there when you need them, day and night.

End-of-life care at home for children and their families in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire

When the time comes to face the unfaceable, our Rennie Grove Peace teams mobilise to provide whatever support is needed, so the family never feels alone.

Familiar nurses available whenever you need them, 24 hours a day.

Our Children’s Hospice at Home nurses provide specialist nursing care at home as needed, day and night. We’ll continue to provide respite visits too, so you can get some sleep or spend time with a sibling who needs support too.

Specially adapted play sessions, so your child can still enjoy being a child

Play specialist sessions can continue as well, boosting wellbeing and helping your child and your family enjoy special moments. Our play specialists have a treasure trove of specially adapted toys, and can adapt their sensory stories to suit, bringing a magical hour of music and light into the home.

Complementary therapy for parents and carers

Complementary therapy can help you stay as focused and calm as possible during the most difficult of times. Therapies such as massage and reflexology, delivered by qualified therapists in your own home, can help relieve stress and even help you sleep.

Listening and talking therapies for children, young people and their families

We can offer the families of our child patients the valuable chance to talk with trained listeners and specialist counsellors. Whether you’re the parent, sibling or grandparent of a child in our care, access our listening and talking therapies the way that works best for you.

Practical help to keep family life intact

Our Supporting Hands volunteers can help with the children, housework, transport and more.

Helping young family members to prepare for and cope with loss

Siblings of child patients (and children of our adult patients) can attend our monthly children’s support group at Grove House. Hosted by our children’s support specialists, the group provides all-important friendship, play and opportunities to talk if needed. See our full range of support available for children.

It starts with a referral to our Children’s Hospice at Home service, who can then bring specialists from our other services on board as needed.  You can read more about this service, including how to obtain a referral, on our Children’s Hospice at Home service information page.


Please refer the child for our Children’s Hospice at Home service. Once accepted into this service, the team can bring specialists from our other services on board as needed.

You can read more about this service on our Children’s Hospice at Home service information page.

You can find referral criteria and instructions for this service here: