Donate to our shops

Thank you for considering a donation to our shops. Find out what you can and can’t donate, why we need your donations and the difference they make.

Donate to our shops

Why donate to Rennie Grove Peace?

Our charity shops and online e-commerce bring in well over £3 million every year towards our specialist nursing care and family support. So, when you donate to our shops, you’re supporting people in our community who are facing life-limiting and terminal illness. Donating also has a wider global impact, by reducing the amount of waste that goes to landfill. So, you can be kind to your pocket, your community, and your planet by donating to, and shopping at, our shops.

Our merger

You may notice that the appearance of your local Rennie Grove or Peace Hospice Care shops changes a little over the coming months. Don’t worry, nothing is really changing but we will be gradually introducing our new Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care branding, as part of our ongoing shop maintenance programme.

What can you donate?

We accept and sell most things – including books, DVDs, CDs, vinyls, clothing, bags, shoes, jewellery, ornaments, china, and small electrical items.

If your item is suitable for eBay, we may sell it online where we have a worldwide audience. You can even donate clothes that are torn or stained. We work in partnership with recycling merchants who pay our charity for items by the kilo and move them onto other good causes such as third world countries, whilst proudly reducing the landfill in the UK. This all results in more money in the pot for our patient care.

We can’t accept bulky items of furniture like beds and big chests of drawers and we no longer take VHS videos or cassette tapes. If you’re unsure whether you can donate an item, please get in touch with your nearest Rennie Grove and Peace Hospice Care charity shop.

One bag of donations Could help fund a specialist nurse for an hour

One designer handbag Could help fund two hours of physiotherapy

One pair of shoes Could help fund a counselling session

Gift aid makes your kind donations worth even more to the charities you support. For every £1 you give – or for every £1 we raise by selling an item you donated – we can reclaim an extra 25p from HMRC. For example, if you sign up to gift aid and donate a jumper that we sell for £4, you’ll help us get £5 for our patient care. Please note there are two separate schemes for gift aid. One for monetary donations and another for items donated for charities to sell. Please sign up to both schemes to make all your generous donations worth even more to us.

You just need to let us know if your contact details or tax status change. You can do this by popping into your local shop, emailing or writing to us:


​Address: Rennie Grove Hospice Care, Bainbridge House, 2 Northbridge Road, Berkhamsted, Herts HP4 1EH