Specialist Nurse Clinic

Specialist nurse support for those facing cancer and other life-limiting illness.

Specialist Nurse Clinic
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Who can use this service? Patients in Herts or Bucks with any life-threatening or life-limiting illness

When is this service available? Weekdays by appointment

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Where is the care provided? At our Grove House outpatients centre in St Albans, Hertfordshire

About our Specialist Nurse Clinic  

Our Nurse Clinic gives patients with cancer or any life-limiting illness convenient access to nursing care and support for symptom management. The emphasis is on giving you control and helping you to manage your own health and wellbeing so you can live as well and independently as possible throughout your illness.

You’ll be able to discuss your condition and your symptoms with an experienced registered nurse at your own pace. In turn, they’ll give you advice and support with your medication, your symptoms and your overall wellbeing.

  • Meet with a specialist nurse, at your own pace, to discuss your symptoms and changing needs.  
  • Get support with managing your symptoms so you can live well and independently. 
  • Receive ongoing support, including coping strategies and psychological support. 
  • Get sign-posted and referred to other services that can help you and your family.   

Like all Rennie Grove Peace services, our Specialist Nurse Clinic is completely free of charge. It’s not means tested and there’s no cost to patients or their families.

We can deliver the services thanks to the generosity of the local community. In short, donations, charity shop income and fundraising events cover two thirds of our running costs.  If you would like to make a donation please click on the link below. 

Those already registered as a patient can simply speak to a nurse or phone 01923 60 60 30  to assess whether an appointment with a nurse would be helpful.

New patients will need to have an initial assessment prior to accessing outpatient services.  This can be arranged by asking your GP to refer you. Please call 01923 60 60 30  if you have any questions or need more information prior to being referred to this service.

To access this clinic, patients must first register as a Grove House Outpatient Services patient.  Although patients can self-refer, it is more expedient if their GP or consultant makes the referral.

At Rennie Grove Peace, our five service teams work collaboratively to help patients and their families live the best quality life they can.  You can learn more about the role each service plays to support adults facing life-changing illness, and their families, here. 

"Michelle was very friendly and helpful. She listened and addressed all our worries and gave us a plan and very useful advice."

- Specialist Nurse Clinic Patient