Bereavement, Listening and Talking Therapies

Counsellors and trained listeners provide emotional support for those facing life-changing illness or bereavement.

Bereavement, Listening and Talking Therapies
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Who is this service intended for? Our patients and their families; also adults in Herts and Bucks seeking bereavement support*

When is this service available? Generally weekdays by appointment, with some evening flexibility

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Where is care provided? In the home, at Grove House in St Albans, or remotely online or by telephone**

About our talking therapies

Rennie Grove Peace’s Bereavement, Listening and Talking Therapies provide emotional support for people living in Herts and Bucks who are experiencing life-changing illness or bereavement. 

We can support people:  

  • coming to terms with a life-limiting or life-changing diagnosis 
  • receiving treatment for a life-limiting or life-changing diagnosis  
  • needing support with emotional recovery post-treatment  
  • approaching end-of-life who wish to prepare emotionally   

We also support: 

  • any family members or carers of our present and past patients  
  • any adult in need of bereavement support   

With our diversified team of counsellors, psychotherapists and trained listeners, we can provide a wide range of tailored support.    

For our own patients, their carers, family members and friends, we can provide:  

  • One-to-one listening support with a fully trained active listener in your home, at our Grove House Day services centre, by telephone or by Zoom.
  • One-to-one counselling, in your home, at our Grove House Day Services centre, by telephone or by Zoom.
  • Family support, either with a fully trained active listener or a counsellor, depending on your need, in your home, at our Grove House Day services centre, or by Zoom
  • Specialist support for children and young people, and guidance for their parents, grandparents, carers or teachers on how to support them. This is provided through our Children and Young People’s Support service.
  • Bereavement support as explained below.  

For anyone coming to terms with bereavement, we can provide support through:  

  • Our Bereavement Support Line, which offers a confidential way to seek support. Our team will be in touch by the next working day and will work with you to find a way to help. 
  • GriefChat, a service which provides live online chat support from trained bereavement counsellors Mon-Friday 9am-9pm
  • Our 8-week bereavement support programme, which can help to reduce the sense of loneliness and isolation often experienced in grief. It enables you to connect with others in a similar situation. 
  • One-to-one listening with a trained active listener. You can access this in person in your home (if you live in our Herts and Bucks catchment area). Alternatively, you can do it at Grove House, by telephone or by Zoom.
  • Community bereavement events – opportunities to come together with others in your community to reflect and remember loved ones.  

Like all Rennie Grove Peace services, our talking therapies for people in Bucks and Herts are completely free of charge. They’re not means tested and there’s no cost to you.

We can deliver the services thanks to the generosity of the local community.  In short, donations, charity shop income and fundraising events cover around two thirds of our running costs. If you would like to make a donation, please click below.

We’re able to support our current and former patients, their carers and family members.  We’re also able to support adults living in our catchment area across Bucks and Herts who are in need of bereavement support.

We can provide support to people living in our catchment area across Herts and Bucks.

Current patients, carers and their families can simply make a request to any nurse involved in their care.

Former patients,  carers and families of former patients and adults seeking bereavement support can get in touch with our Family Support team as follows:

01442 890444


Individuals are able to self refer directly to this service by getting in touch with our Family Support team. If you are facilitating a referral for a patient please ensure you have obtained their permission before contacting us.

Get in touch with Family Support:

01442 890444


At Rennie Grove Peace, our five service teams work collaboratively to help patients and their families live the best quality life they can.  You can learn more about the role each service plays to support adults and their families here and children and their families here.

As my wife's carer, I was supported with listening therapy by Julie, who was amazing and so supportive. She really helped me "stay afloat" in that difficult time. Since my wife passed away, I have been supported by Sharon, who has been truly wonderful in helping me deal with the trauma, the grief and the profound changes to my life. She employed just the right mixture of listening and thought-provoking comments and suggestions to help me arrive at my own answers, rather than telling me what I should be doing. I always looked forward to our sessions. While I will always have better days and worse days, I now have tools to help me feel better when I'm having a hard time. I will be forever grateful to Rennie Grove Peace and Debbie, Julie and Sharon for the support they have provided us! Thank you so, so much!

- Supportive Care member