Bereavement Support Programme

Connect with others as you together explore your thoughts and feelings about your loss in this guided eight week programme.

Bereavement Support Programme
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Where is it? At our Grove House location on Waverly Road near St Albans Hospital AL3 5QX

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Who can take part? At our Grove House location on Waverly Road near St Albans Hospital AL3 5QX

The Bereavement Support Programme

This eight week group programme enables people with the shared experience of bereavement to connect with others as they together express their feelings and thoughts regarding their loss. More than a support group, it is a guided programme, led by a counsellor, exploring different post-bereavement wellbeing topics each week.

There is no charge to take part in this course.  Funding is provided by through the generosity of our many supporters, who donate, fundraise and volunteer their time to ensure local people affected by life limited illness and bereavement receive the best possible support.

Our Bereavement Support Programme runs on a rolling basis, please enquire about future course start dates.

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Bereavement Support Programme

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