Our Strategy

How we plan to reach the growing number of people who need our care.

Our Strategy

Our merger has been our strategic focus in 2022-2023

On 1st October 2022, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire hospice charities, Rennie Grove Hospice Care and Peace Hospice Care formally merged to become Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care.  ​

The driving force behind the merger is our goal to increase both the reach and scope of services. This includes high-quality care for those facing life-limiting illness, as well as bereavement counselling services for anyone affected by grief. ​

Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care has three clear aims: ​

  • Serve – provide a wider range of services to support people in West Herts and Bucks to live as well as possible as they near the end of their lives  ​
  • Reach – develop new and enhanced services to reach all sections of the local community and meet their changing needs  ​
  • Strengthen – use our strengthened combined voice to secure the resources needed to ensure every local person receives the care they need, when they need it ​

Our Vision

We will support people of all ages who are affected by a progressive life-limiting illness, and those who care for them, to live as well as possible by providing choice and ease of access to a wide range of palliative care and bereavement services across West Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Our Vision

How national healthcare challenges impacts the Rennie Grove Peace strategy

Our strategic plan takes into account national pressures on the NHS, as well as what we see happening locally. In short, we know that:

A growing number of patients at or nearing the end of life are admitted to hospital when they don’t need to be

Support for families caring for people nearing end of life is often uncoordinated

An increasing number of people are living in care homes as they near the end of life

More people living longer into older age

Reaching more people with palliative and end of life care needs in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire 

We are a charity providing care and support for adults and children with a progressive life-limiting illness, and those who care for them, in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.

Our support begins as soon as it is needed – whether that is at the point of diagnosis, or when a symptom or support need arises. Our patients are supported to live the best quality of life they can through the combination of outpatient, rehabilitation and supportive care services, Hospice at Home and inpatient care that is right for them. ​

We are also here for those around our patients, including family, friends and carers, ensuring that everyone can receive the right support, wherever and whenever they need it.   ​

Our care is provided at no cost to our patients and families and is made possible by the generous donations we receive from our local community.   ​

Rennie Grove’s strategy wheel 

As the foundations of our new organisation are currently being developed based on the successful strategies of our two previous charities, we will continue to deliver against the defined Rennie Grove strategy wheel below

Rennie Grove strategy wheel