Support for children with life-limiting conditions

A whole-family approach to help families live the best quality life they can.

Support for children with life-limiting conditions

Specialist care for children living with a life-limiting illness in Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire

We understand how intense it can be caring for a child who has a life-limiting illness while managing all the usual responsibilities of family life. Rennie Grove Peace can provide support for children with a wide range of conditions and there is no requirement for a child to be within the last year of life to receive support. We care for many children for extended periods, sometimes discharging them following successful treatment or transitioning them to adult services.  Below you can learn more about how our services work together to support children and families.

Specialist nursing care at home to keep children out of hospital and family life intact

Our team of specialist nurses and healthcare assistants make planned and responsive visits to the child’s home. They offer respite care as well as specialist advice, and they liaise with other healthcare professionals on a family’s behalf. They work with everyone involved in a child’s care to ensure any change in the child’s condition can be responded to quickly.  

Respite care, play sessions and social activities for children with life-limiting conditions and their families 

Our children’s team also provides short respite breaks for parents and sessions with play specialists at home or at Grove House. Delivered and hosted by our in-house experts, these can help families enjoy precious moments that will be remembered forever. 

For example, our play specialist has an extensive collection of toys, games and sensory resources, many of which can be specially adapted to changing abilities, to bring a magical hour of sensory stories, music and light into families’ homes. Above all, this enhances children’s quality of life, supporting their development, reducing anxiety and boosting the whole family’s wellbeing. 

Complementary therapies for carers of children with life-limiting conditions  

We understand how tough and intensive it can be, caring for a child with a life-limiting condition. Our team of qualified therapists can help boost carers’ emotional wellbeing with a course of treatments. Benefit from complementary therapies such as massage, reiki and reflexology, either in your own home or at our beautiful Grove House day services centre in St Albans. 

Listening and talking therapies for children, young people and their families  

We can offer our young patients and their families the valuable chance to talk with trained listeners and specialist counsellors. Whether you’re the parent, sibling or grandparent of a child in our care, you can access our listening and talking therapies the way that works best for you.  

Help with the transition into adult care 

We know this can be a worrying time for families caring for children with life-limiting conditions. So, we work closely with you, and all the providers involved in your loved one’s care, to make this transition as smooth as possible.  

It starts with a referral to our Children’s Hospice at Home service, who can then bring specialists from our other services on board as needed.  You can read more about this service, including how to obtain a referral, on our Children’s Hospice at Home service information page.

Please refer the child for our Children’s Hospice at Home service. Once accepted into this service, the team can bring other support on board as required.

You can read more about this service on our Children’s Hospice at Home service information page.

You can find referral criteria and instructions here: