Become a volunteer

Make a difference in your local community when you join the Rennie Grove Peace volunteering team

Become a volunteer

Could you give the gift of time?

Time is precious – the gift of time priceless. Without the time our volunteers give to support all areas of our work, we couldn’t help all the families who need us.

If you have time to give and would like to join the Rennie Grove volunteering team, we’d love to hear from you! We have a wide range of volunteer roles with varying time commitments to suit people in different circumstances.

And if you have skills you’d like to use – or new skills you’d like to learn – do get in touch. We’d love to chat with you about how we might be able to help each other.

Rennie Grove volunteering opportunities – find your perfect fit

Volunteering opportunities with Rennie Grove Peace include regular volunteer roles in our charity shops or offices. Alternatively, you could volunteer in a one-off role at a fundraising event. Or you might prefer a keyworker volunteer role, directly supporting our patients and their families. However you choose to get involved, volunteering with us means you’ll make a big difference in your local community.

If you have skills or ideas for something we haven’t listed – do get in touch. We’re always happy to hear from you. Let’s discuss the perfect match for your skills and our needs.

Reasons to volunteer with Rennie Grove

We asked all our volunteers what they get from volunteering with Rennie Grove. Here’s what they said…

  • a sense of fun and fulfilment
  • an opportunity to try something new
  • a real sense of achievement
  • meet new people
  • share your skills and learn new ones
  • improve your mental health and wellbeing
  • gain work experience
  • boost your confidence
  • become more involved with your local community
  • feel valued for your contribution
  • help local families when they desperately need it

A note about the Queen’s Award

In 2017, our amazing Rennie Grove volunteers were awarded the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service (which has now become the King’s Award.)  This is unofficially known as the MBE of volunteering, and all of our volunteers can display their award with pride, as it’s an award for life. We even made the local press.

As our Rennie Grove registered charity number will continue to exist, alongside our past charity numbers, this award will always be part of our history, but as we change our name officially to Rennie Grove Peace, as a new organisation, we are unable to display this award, and will just have to wait to be nominated again.