Bereavement support for children

Supporting the young family members of our former patients as they come to terms with loss.

Bereavement support for children

Our bereavement support for children  

Our Supportive Care team is here for the young family members of our patients following bereavement. We know caregivers want to understand how they can help young people deal with loss also, so we support teachers and adult family members with this too. 

Everyone grieves differently, and children and young people process their feelings very differently from the way adults do. That’s why we tailor our bereavement support to be as flexible as possible, based around what children might need, when and where they need it.  

Read on to learn more about the ways we can help.

Talking therapies for children following bereavement 

One-to-one sessions with our experienced children’s support volunteers or specialist counsellors can give bereaved children the emotional support they might need. Our specialist children’s therapists can also offer whole family support to help everyone through their grief after losing a family member.  

Group support for bereaved children

Our children’s support group provides friendship and play sessions for children and siblings of our present and past Rennie Grove Peace patients. 

Support for teachers, parents and other caregivers 

We’re also here to help any grown-ups in a child’s life support them through their grief. For example, we can offer teachers guidance on how to support a grieving child at school.   

Our bereavement support for children is provided by our Children and Young People’s Support service, one of the four services that comprise our Supportive Care services. You can read more about our Supportive Care services here. 

"Both our children received excellent service from Katie and Sarah. Our children always looked forward to meeting them. Both Katie and Sarah are brilliant."

Children support member

Like all Rennie Grove Peace services, our Family Support Services are completely free of charge. They’re not means tested and there’s no cost to the patient or their family. We rely heavily on the generous support of our local community to raise around 85% of our £18.18m total income for the year. 

You can learn more about how we fund our service, and easy ways you can help too, on our funding and accounts page.

Our bereavement support for children is provided through our Children and Young People’s Support service, which forms part of our Supportive Care services. It is available to families of former Rennie Grove Peace patients and you can contact the Supportive Care team directly to ask for support; there is no need to obtain a referral from a clinician.

Here’s how to get in touch with Supportive Care:

01923 60 60 30