Complementary Therapy

Our complementary therapy team boosts well-being for patients and their carers with massage, reiki, aromatherapy, reflexology, scar therapy and more.

Complementary Therapy
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Who can use this service? Rennie Grove Peace patients, carers and family members

When is this service available? Monday to Friday, 9am to 4pm

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Where is the care provided? In patients’ homes across Herts and Bucks (virtually or in person) and at Grove House in St Albans

About our Complementary Therapy 

If you have cancer or another life-limiting illness, or are caring for someone who does, complementary therapy can help.  

Complementary therapy can be very relaxing. In addition to helping dispel tension, it can reduce pain and promote emotional wellbeing. It may also help with specific symptoms or side effects of illness or cancer treatment, such as nausea, digestive problems or difficulty sleeping.  

At Rennie Grove Peace, a team of fully qualified volunteer therapists can provide complementary therapy for our patients, carers and family members.  

We offer a range of different therapies, although some are only available in certain locations. We’ll assess your needs and answer any queries you might have. Then we offer a series of four treatments at a time and place of your choice. 

You can learn more about the therapies we offer and how to access them below.

The range of complementary therapies currently available  include:  

Massage: A gentle massage can help you relax and can relieve muscle tension. It may help to lift your mood, and, for some people, it can improve sleep patterns. You can experience these benefits even when only a small area of the body is massaged, such as the hands, feet or lower legs.  

Reiki:  an ancient Japanese therapy based on the principle of channelling natural energy flow throughout the body. Reiki can help to restore physical and emotional wellbeing and is soothing and relaxing.  

Reflexology:  a specialised form of foot or hand massage, where gentle pressure is applied to specific reflex points on the feet or hands. Reflexology can help promote physical and emotional wellbeing and can bring about a feeling of deep relaxation.  

Acupuncture:  a therapy based on an ancient Chinese practice, where very fine needles are inserted into the skin on specific parts of your body. Acupuncture can alleviate pain for some people and promotes emotional wellbeing.  

Scar Therapy:  a therapy using non-invasive massage techniques to promote optimal healing of scars. Scar therapy can help release tightness, ease restricted mobility, and reduce sensitivity and pain, as well as supporting emotional wellbeing.  

Sound Therapy:  a therapy which uses sound, music and specialist instruments played in therapeutic ways, combined with deep self-reflection techniques, to improve health and wellbeing.

Group Relaxation Course:  a course which uses guided techniques to help relieve stress and promote rest and relaxation

Like all Rennie Grove Peace services, our complementary therapy is completely free of charge.  It’s not means tested and there’s no cost to you. We can deliver the service thanks to the generosity of the local community. In short, donations, charity shop income and fundraising events cover around two thirds of our running costs.  

If you would like to make a donation, please click below.

If you or a family member is under our care and you think you could benefit think you or a member of your family could benefit from our complementary therapies, just let us know.  Here’s how you can get in touch: