Courses, classes and group sessions

The wide range of activities and courses on offer enable people to try new things, make new friends, and learn more about themselves too.

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Who can use this service? Anyone with or recovering from a potentially life-limiting illness*

When is this service available? See individual activity timetables

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Where is this service provided? At our Grove House day centre in St Albans and online

About our courses, classes and group sessions  

All our courses, classes and group sessions are designed to help our patients live life as fully as they possibly can. 

For example, a range of uplifting and beneficial activities, including yoga, gardening, art and gentle exercise classes boost mobility and general wellbeing. They can also help with symptoms and treatment side effects. 

In addition, courses such as our HOPE course (Help Overcoming Problems Effectively) give those with a cancer diagnosis ways to self-manage and cope with the emotional and practical challenges they are facing. The HOPE course is open to anyone who has ever been diagnosed with cancer, whether newly diagnosed, in active treatment, in recovery or remission. The six-week, in-person programme runs at Hertfordshire hospices throughout the year. 

  • Find new ways to regain your confidence and self-esteem following a cancer diagnosis, during or after treatment.
  • Learn strategies to overcome emotional and practical difficulties. 
  • Gain new self-management techniques around sleep, physical activity, stress, fatigue and life priorities. 
  • Make plans, achieve goals and feel more positive. 
  • Meet other people who’ve had similar experiences and get valuable peer support. 
  • Access specific activities, run by experts, that will improve your mobility and sense of wellbeing.   
  • Access some classes online. 

This service is intended for anyone in Herts (or Bucks) with a life-changing or life-limiting illness.  Patients new to Rennie Grove need to complete an initial assessment with our day services nurse before accessing our day services (see ‘How do I access these activities?’ below for more information).

People living in Bucks are welcome to use this service also, but may find the distance too far to travel.  If so, we can recommend similar day services nearer to the home, and still support in other ways through our community-based services, such as Family Support.

Like all Rennie Grove services, all our courses, classes and group sessions are completely free of charge. We can deliver the services thanks to the generosity of the local community. In short, donations, charity shop income and fundraising events cover 91% of our running costs.

Those already registered as a patient with our Grove House Day Services can simply speak to a nurse or phone 01727 731000 to discuss what sessions would be of most benefit.

New patients to Grove House will need to have an initial assessment prior to accessing day services.  This can be arranged by phoning 01727 731000 or calling in to Grove House during one of our Drop-In Sessions.

To access activities and courses at Grove House, patients must first register as a Grove House Day Services patient.  Although patients can self-refer, it is more expedient if their GP or consultant makes the referral.

At Rennie Grove Peace, our five service teams work collaboratively to help patients and their families live the best quality life they can.  You can learn more about the role each service plays to support adults facing life-changing illness, and their families, here.