Anne’s Story

“Nobody knows what’s going to happen in the future but it’s nice to know that the path ahead of me ...

Anne’s Story

Anne and her family

Anne Keane has been using Rennie Grove’s day services at Grove House since 2016. Here she tells us why the charity’s help has been invaluable since receiving her cancer diagnosis.

“I’ve had no vision in my right eye since childhood but when I started to see double after an exercise class in 2015, I began to worry. I went to hospital and after nine hours of scans, I was told I had a tumour in the back of my left eye. I was advised to have surgery but this would mean I would be blind in both eyes and I really wasn’t sure.

“A few months later, after being referred elsewhere for further tests, I was told they had also found tumours in my lungs and near my pelvis. I then had a lung biopsy and was told it was breast cancer that had spread all over. As I felt pretty fit and healthy, this all came as a real shock to me and I really didn’t know where to turn.

“I phoned Grove House and was encouraged to come along to a Drop-in session. There I was able to speak to someone who gave me advice and pointed me in the right direction for the help I needed. Attending Nurse Clinic gave me the opportunity to talk to someone and sort things out, both practically and emotionally. It put me in a better place and made me feel more prepared for whatever will happen to me – and it’s reassuring to know the support from Rennie Grove will be there if need it.”

Anne at The Movement class


“Coming to Grove House and using Rennie Grove’s day services has given me the chance to talk to other patients. They know what it’s like to go through chemo or radiotherapy and being able to share experiences is really comforting. It can be difficult for friends who have all the will in the world to understand what you’re going through but haven’t ever experienced it.


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