The Hsu Family Story

Francis Hsu was diagnosed with cancer in his early 50s. What began as a tumour on his kidney spread to ...

The Hsu Family Story

Francis Hsu and his family

“Francis was always very fit and active – he couldn’t sit still for long! He loved doing new, challenging things in his work and leisure. Travelling, skiing, golf, cooking, baking… but only for his family. That was part of the joy for him – spending the day creating something special and new that we could enjoy together.”

“He loved spending time with our kids, Edwin and Emily. He even changed his job to become an IT consultant ten years ago, so he had more flexibility for family time. He and Edwin are so alike. Every year they would go to Japan together on a tour of historic artefacts – not really our thing but the boys loved it!

“With a terminal diagnosis, everything is so scary and there are so many things you need to learn. The Rennie Grove Hospice at Home nurses came and talked to us so kindly and calmly, taking us step by step through what to expect, listening patiently, reassuring and advising us every step of the way.

“It can make a huge difference when you know what you’re facing. And for someone like Francis – someone used to being so organised and in control – that was so important.

“It brings this huge sense of comfort – to know that if you have any questions at all, you can call at any time. The nurses’ weekly visits gave us so much reassurance, confidence and peace of mind. When the November lockdown was announced, we feared perhaps they might not be able to visit any more. We were so relieved to hear they would."

-Mrs Hsu

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