Our Christmas Appeal 2023

Donate now to fund specialist care this Christmas for families in Herts and Bucks.

Our Christmas Appeal 2023

How your donation could make a difference

£21 A gift of £21 would be enough to pay for meals for someone on our Inpatient Unit .

£30 A gift of £30 could pay for a one-hour home visit from a Hospice at Home nurse.

Dr Sarah Klinger“My team and I are present at some of the most intimate times of our patients’ lives.  I feel privileged to work in palliative care and humbled when I see the difference it makes.  

You are reading this because you care about your hospice.  You are an important part of this hospice community.  Without your generosity, my team and I couldn’t do the work that we do.

Below are a handful of quotes from the many of people that Rennie Grove Peace have helped. Please take a moment to read them and think about the difference hospice care has made to the people involved.”


A signature that says 'Sarah'

Dr Sarah Klinger, Medical Director at Rennie Grove Peace 


How your donation can make a difference

£45 Five people giving a gift of £45 could fund a specialist Hospice at Home nurse for a day.

£58.40 Five people giving a gift of £58.40 would be enough to run one bed in the Inpatient Unit for a day.