Pauline’s story

When Diarmuid's wife Pauline was admitted to the Peace Hospice, staff were able to arrange some truly magical moments for her.

Pauline’s story

“Pauline had a big smile. She was known for her warmth and making people laugh. She didn’t take no for an answer and was a character in the room! Pauline was a people person. She put everyone else first, even to the end. Irish-born Pauline loved St. Patrick’s Day. Realising this, nurses organised medicines she needed and got Pauline dressed to celebrate in Watford.”

Erin Beer, Head of the Inpatient Unit (IPU) and Coordination Centre said: “Seeing Pauline return after a prosecco, full of laughter and smiles will always be one of our special memories.”

Diarmuid continues, “When Pauline was too ill to attend her granddaughter’s christening, staff organised a meeting room for the celebration. Everything was possible, and it was a fantastic occasion.

“There was no such thing as ‘It’s 8pm, you’ve got to leave’. I visited Pauline at weird and wonderful times.”

"Pauline didn't refer to it as the Peace Hospice but referred to it as 'the Peace'. She didn't want to say 'hospice' and have her loved ones afraid. Peace was more befitting. It certainly was a peaceful environment and a peaceful passing, made possible by the wonderful staff. They were beyond excellent."

Diarmuid - Pauline's husband

“The nurses kept us informed at all stages. There was nothing they wouldn’t do.  No question they would shy away from.   Pauline built a rapport with them.  We were delighted that so many of them attended the funeral.”


Pauline died peacefully on the Inpatient Unit 8th April 2023, aged 58.