A nurse’s insight

What it's like to work as a Rennie Grove nurse in the community.

A nurse’s insight

During the pandemic, ​our 24-hour responsive nursing care in patients’ homes has been in higher demand than ever. ​Our nurses have been able to keep visiting patients at home throughout, helping to prevent hospital admissions and keep local families affected by life-limiting illness safe and together in their own homes.

Recent recruit Emma, who joined ​us six months ago after a 20-year career as a Community Nurse, gives an insight into the role of a hospice at home nurse with the charity and why she chose it.


“With Rennie Grove, I’m able to build on my nursing knowledge and specialise in palliative care,” explains Emma. “I can work holistically with patients, addressing all aspects of their care. We also advocate for patients, liaising with other healthcare professionals so care is fully joined up and families have more quality time to spend together.

“I have time to listen and to give patients and their families the time and space to talk as and when they need to. We also liaise with patients’ GPs on their behalf, regarding symptoms, medication, suggested next steps. I think this is so valuable, especially right now, when doctors’ surgeries are so busy.”

Palliative care, especially in the community, involves anticipating and planning for the next stage in a patient’s illness. Patients can suddenly deteriorate and as a hospice at home nurse, Emma says you need to be able to think on your feet, responding quickly and sensitively.

“Working in a team at Rennie Grove gives me the confidence to put the planning I’ve done into practice at short notice,” she adds.

“It’s always a privilege to be welcomed into a patient’s home to provide care – and as a nurse with Rennie Grove I’ve got the opportunity and resources to work entirely holistically. It’s taken my practice to a deeper level, and given me the confidence to push myself to make a difference and make every moment matter.”

If you or someone you know could make a difference in this way too, please join our team. To find out about our current vacancies, visit ​our jobs page or apply via NHS jobs.

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