New Service: Coordination Centre

Introducing our Coordination Centre - a single point of contact for everybody who needs to access our service

New Service: Coordination Centre
Rennie Grove Peace Hospice. Picture: DANNY LOO

The aim of the merger that formed Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care is to serve more people who need our services and strengthen our offering for patients. A key service we have developed to underpin this aim is our Coordination Centre.

The Coordination Centre is the single point of contact for everybody who needs to access our services, taking referrals from patients, family members and healthcare professionals.

As the central hub for new patient referrals, the Coordination Centre team ensure that everybody with a life-limiting illness can access the service that is right for them, by carrying out standardised assessments.

Each patient’s needs and circumstances are reviewed to ensure they are referred to the service or services that are right for them – whether that is a service offered by Rennie Grove Peace or a partner organisation.

Erin Beer, Head of IPU and the Coordination Centre, says: “As a larger organisation, having a standardised assessment process for all new patients is key. It will ensure equity across our whole patch by making sure that all referrals are reviewed in the same way, so that all patients are being referred to the right services for them. The merger of two charities means we have more services to offer patients, and the Coordination Centre will be crucial in ensuring we’re making the most of all services for patients across our catchment area.

“We’re currently building the Coordination Centre team to ensure it is staffed by trained professionals who are experts in understanding and assessing not only patients’ symptoms, but their circumstances, too, to ensure every patient who is referred to us can make the most of the full range of services we offer.”

Join us as a Clinical Nurse Specialist in our Coordination Centre.

How to contact the Coordination Centre

Call: 01923 60 60 30


8am to 6pm, 7 days a week.  Urgent calls only after 6pm.