Our Vice Presidents

Thank you so much to our Vice Presidents and Presidents' Circle members. View a list of members below.

By committing to support ​us with a regular gift for a minimum of three years, Rennie Grove Peace Vice Presidents and members of the Presidents’ Circle help us plan for the future. Find out more about becoming a Rennie Grove Peace Vice President.

We are extremely grateful to the following people for their ongoing support:

Ms Doreen Beattie
Mr Nick Benwell
Mr Andrew Blakesley
Mr Roger & Mrs Margaret Carey
Mr David & Mrs Debbie Codling
Mr Richard & Mrs Gina Coleman
Mr Arthur Cunningham
Mr Stephen & Mrs Susan Cuthbert
Mr Peter & Mrs Susan Dean
Mr Peter Drury
Mrs Jean Gell
Mr John Golledge
Mr John Groves
Sir Stuart & Lady Hampson
Lady Mary Hatch
Mr David & Mrs Louise Hollander
Mrs Lesley King
Mr Peter Knee
Mr Chris Langford
Mrs Bridget Makinson
Dr Margaret Martin
​Mrs Marian Mulady
Mr David & Mrs Margaret Parkins
Mr Richard Peel
Mrs Elisabeth Pestell
Mr Charles & Mrs Elizabeth Pocock
Mr John & Mrs Linda Randall
Mr Craig & Mrs Kim Rennie
Mrs Chloe Smillie
Mr Colin & Mrs Kathy Smith
Professor Stephen & Dr Alison Spiro
Sir Keith & Lady Stuart
Mr Christopher Talbot-Ponsonby
Mr Allan & Mrs Annabel Westray
Mr Graham Westwell
Professor Diana Woodward
Mr John & Mrs Marie Wroe