Eileen’s story

Eileen participated in our 2024 London Bridges Walk in honour of her husband David, who was cared for by Rennie Grove Peace. She tells the story...

Eileen’s story

Eileen, from Hemel Hempstead, took part in last Sunday’s London Bridges Walk, alongside members of her family,  in memory of her husband, David, who received care from Rennie Grove Peace towards the end of his life last year. We spoke to Eileen about the care he received:

“David received Outpatient support last year after his cancer diagnosis, before receiving care at home towards the end of his life last year. His wife, Eileen, explains David’s journey and the difference the care made. Eileen said: 

“David had prostate and lung cancer, but was initially misdiagnosed as having sciatica, during lockdown. When we found out what actually was causing his pain, we discovered it wasn’t something that was treatable. When doctors told us that it was terminal, we were told he had a year to two years, and we were determined to make the most of the time that we had together. We enjoyed lots of weekends away in hotels, planning something every 6-8 weeks so we had something to look forward to.  

“We were introduced to Rennie Grove Peace and David was assessed, and it was suggested he could benefit from some breathlessness support, to help with the symptoms he was living with due to the lung cancer. As time went on, and symptoms worsened, there were a few occasions I had to call 111 due the pain he was in. We felt very vulnerable, and we knew we needed extra, specialist support. Rennie Grove Peace was there.”  


“The team was there any time we needed to speak to them and there was always someone on the end of the phone who understood. On one occasion, someone came out at 3am to give David pain medication, and took his pain away. Each and every person that stepped into our home treated David with such dignity and understood exactly what we needed and what we were feeling. The care was just marvellous.” 

“David had two strokes and sepsis, and when he was in the hospital, it was all so clinical and busy. Rennie Grove Peace made it possible for David to be cared for at home, where we wanted him to be. He was in his own bed, he was comfortable and we were all able to be there to hold his hand. The care was like a big cushion, looking after us. Being at home provided him with such dignity – our memory is of calmness and peace, not of being in hospital. That is so important for the family, and something that everyone deserves.

“When I saw the 2024 London Bridges Walk advertised, we decided we would take part to raise money for the charity. We had a wonderful day! I walked with my two children, daughter-in-law and littlest grandchild. The sun shone and we explored not only the fascinating bridges but parts of London we don’t normally take time to look at. A really worthwhile day, remembering David, out with family and raising money for Rennie Grove Peace.”