Richard and Angie’s Story

When Angie's elderly neighbour Richard was diagnosed with a terminal lung condition last year, she supported her friend to stay in his home of 73 years, with help from the Rennie Grove nurses...

Richard and Angie’s Story

Richard & Angie and their family

Angie lived opposite Richard for 16 years in a quiet cul-de-sac in south Bucks. When Richard was diagnosed with a terminal lung condition last year, Angie supported her friend and neighbour to stay in his home of 73 years. But she says she couldn’t have done it without the Rennie Grove nurses, who visited Richard at home and provided specialist care and support for the last five to six months of his life.

“Richard led quite a reclusive life. He’d lived in his bungalow, previously his mum and dad’s home, since he was three years old. He never married and he had no TV, preferring to listen to Radio 4. He didn’t have visitors but he would come round to our house for a piece of cake and a cuppa now and again. He would sit for about 10 minutes with us – but then would be keen to get back to his solitude.

“He’d worked as an engineer – a lathe turner. He was such a knowledgeable man and could fix anything. He’d always say ‘leave it with me for a few weeks and I’ll see what I can do’. Whatever it was would always be handed back to us in perfect working order by the following day!

“Richard loved motorbikes and had competed successfully at Brands Hatch and other world-class venues. He was so modest – such a gentleman in all senses of the word – that he’d never talk about his wins.

“It was an honour to support Richard and a privilege that he trusted me to do so. I really liked him and I’m really pleased I was able to do it. The Rennie Grove nurses made it so much easier in so many ways – and gave Richard the care and support he needed to live the last few months of his life the way he wanted to."


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