Sarah’s story

“The care and support I received from Rennie Grove nurses was invaluable. They were so compassionate and reassuring.”

Sarah’s story

Sarah and her family

When Sarah Cassidy was told in 2012 that, following a course of chemotherapy, her breast cancer was highly unlikely to return she breathed a sigh of relief and got on with her busy life, continuing to build the successful estate agency that she’d established in 2009. Then it came back with a vengeance. However despite facing adversity both Sarah and her business have gone from strength to strength. Here is her story.

“In 2016, I began to experience severe pain in my hip,” Sarah explained. “I got on with things for as long as I could but when the pain became unbearable I went to the doctor and received the shock diagnosis that cancer had returned. This time, it was in both lungs, liver and extensively in my bones.

“Despite going through another round of chemo, I was still in such pain so I went back to my GP and it was at this point that I was introduced to Rennie Grove Hospice Care nurses as my GP felt they could really help me.

“Lyn, the Rennie Grove nurse, came round to my house and was great. She gave me medication to relieve my pain as well as some helpful advice on other pain management techniques. The pain relief made such a positive difference, it was amazing and both the nurses that visited were incredible. They offered support to me and my partner and it was so reassuring to know they were there whenever we needed them.”

“Rennie Grove supported me for around four months and were absolutely great. When the time came to be discharged from Rennie Grove’s services I felt ready because I was back on track, fighting and this was a really positive feeling after all I’d been through.


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