Harpenden shop makeover

Harpenden shop unveils a new look.

Harpenden shop makeover

Our Harpenden charity shop has undergone a restyle, becoming the first of Rennie Grove’s three discount outlets to unveil a new look.

The shop, on High St in Harpenden, has been well supported by local people over the years. The new look places the community at the heart of the shop, thanking supporters for everything they do. This includes donating goods or volunteering their time and shopping in the store.

Interior of the Harpenden shop

The work took place over ten days, during which the shop was closed. New signage was installed and the layout of the space was reconfigured. Furthermore, the old wooden bookcases were removed and replaced with more modern shelving to complement the overall design of the shop. Finally, a new community board was installed. This will be a place for the shop team to display messages for the local community to keep people updated on what is happening in their area.

The branch is also the first of the charity’s 25 shops to feature a new colour palette that focuses on muted tones of the charity’s trademark pink.

Nicola Flood, Buying, Merchandising & Business Development Manager at Rennie Grove Hospice Care, says:

“We’re delighted to be thanking the community in Harpenden for its support by revealing this refreshed store. Reducing, reusing and recycling has never been more important than it is now and we have recognised this in the décor of the shop. Additionally, we have made it an inviting place for local people to shop, so they can play their part in our ‘Recare, Rewear, Rehome’ movement.

“We couldn’t run our charity shops without the local people who donate goods, volunteer their time and shop there. In refreshing this shop we really wanted to bring to life how much this support means to us. We are also keen to highlightwhat the community in Harpenden is achieving in supporting the shop.”

Mrs Jan Ciuffa from St Albans has been volunteering in the Harpenden Rennie Grove shop since 2017. She says:

“It’s great to see the finished results of the shop refresh. I choose to volunteer so I can give something back within my local community. So it’s great to see the shop becoming a real hub of the local community with Rennie Grove recognising and thanking the contribution that each person makes when they donate or shop in store.”

We could not operate our network of 25 shops without the support of volunteers who give up their time to work in the stores. If you would be interested in volunteering in your local Rennie Grove shop, visit www.renniegrovepeace.org/volunteer or call 01442 890222 to find out more.

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