Merger Talk: fundraising

As we progress the merger between Rennie Grove and Peace Hospice Care, each month we'll be speaking to a different director of the organisation about what the merger means for you...

Merger Talk: fundraising

This month we’ve been talking to Tracey Hancock, Director of Fundraising at Rennie Grove Peace Hospice Care, about what the merger integration means for fundraising and our loyal supporters.

What’s new about the way we’ll be raising money as a merged organisation?

“Fundraised income will continue to be vitally important to our merged organisation. As we work towards our goals of reaching more people and delivering more services, we will need your fundraising support more than ever. As a bigger organisation we’re excited by the prospect of developing new and exciting fundraising products for our supporters as we work and grow together.

“Both Rennie Grove and Peace Hospice Care have long-established and well-loved calendars of fundraising events and activities. Merging these two organisations means our supporters immediately have access to a broader range of fundraising events and opportunities.

“This spring, supporters of both Rennie Grove and Peace have been introduced to new fundraising events from our respective organisations – the Daffodil Walk and the London Bridges Walk. We look forward to extending and expanding the reach of our other main fundraising events throughout this year.”

Does all fundraised income go into one big ‘pot’?

“As we continue with our merger integration, we will continue to fundraise as two separate charities for now. Donations can be made to either Rennie Grove Hospice Care or Peace Hospice Care.

“Once we have completed the integration process, our supporters will be helping us to raise income for Rennie Grove Peace, supporting our ambitions of delivering more services, to reach more people and have an even greater impact on patients’ lives.

“We know that many of our supporters choose to fundraise for us because they have been personally touched by the work of one or other of the charities. If that is the case for you and you wish to donate to a specific part of the organisation or service, you can let us know at the point of donating and we will make sure to honour your wishes.”

Will the merger create any efficiencies in the way you fundraise?

“A major advantage of our merger is the ability to streamline operations and make efficiencies in the way that we both fundraise and spend income.

“The first stage of our merger integration is to establish all the processes and systems that will allow us to work together and enjoy these efficiencies. The benefits of this will then help us to continue to maximise the funds we raise, to directly support patient care and our local communities.”

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